Issues Impacting Access To Before And After School Care

"More Money Isn't The Solution . . . "

Section 85.1 subsection (2) of the BC School Act makes it clear that school boards must make space available in schools for licensed care providers. 

Far too often this is not happening.

Section 14 of the Child Care Licensing Regulations describes the physical requirements that must be met for children in a group daycare.

The problem is that these same regulations are being used to assess out of school care space in a school.  Students in a school are not the same as children in a daycare.

Leap Frogging, kids staying in care longer, and the introduction of multi-use buildings are some other issues impacting before and after school care wait lists.

It is difficult to understand why the decision makers are so resistant to solving the issue of before and after school care shortages.  It doesn’t make sense.  These shortages are a big problem for parents throughout the province.  Yet, it costs nothing to solve.  The issues identified above hold the key to eliminating the shortages throughout the province.  Yet, when these same decision makers are presented with a solution, the first reaction is to cite a myriad of excuses as to why things can’t change.

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