Before and After School Care Providers (2018 Vancouver)

Below is an interactive visualization that shows the Before and After School Care (OSC) providers serving each of the schools. The data came from care providers directly and the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  I apologize, but I only have data for Vancouver.  The MCFD would have the information you are looking for.

Clicking on the OSC provider’s name should take you to their website or a site giving you information about the provider.  Blue indicates the number of spaces that program is licensed for, Red indicates how many kids are waiting for a spot to come available.  Rolling your cursor over the “# on Waiting List” will give you the estimated waiting time in months.

Note: Due to its size, this visualization is best viewed on a tablet or desktop computer.  If it is not loading or you are using a mobile device, click on this link, Out of School Care Providers

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